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Easy Builder is a no-code software development tool, meaning that you can build your own web application without need to have computer programming skills .

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Features and Tools

Import & Export

Convert your Excel into a web application automatically.


Easy Builder by standard works with bootstrap,making it is easy to define how the app will behave in each scren size.

100% Online

Easy Builder is a cloud tool, so you will have access 24 hours a week without the need to back up.

Only 40 Minutes

Create a new form can be fast as 5 minutes. The avarage in large applications is 40 minutes per form.

Visibility and Requeirements

Create rules using the form fields or use role to show and make the fields requiered or not.

Apply our Style

You have freedom to create your own CSS file, you can use colours of your preference and you visual standards.

Process Quality

Review internal process creating the flow between forms, track the status of your processes witch an overall wiew.

Software Replication

Create a software and make clones for other companies or customers. Synchonized updates across all branches.


Organize your tasks in a visual and friendly way, control your time and deliveries.


Create Custom reports with the date that attend to your demands.


Use the calendar for tasks thar needto be schedule and visualise by the user.

Dashbord Charts
and Indicators

With the charts and indicators in your dashbord will have a quick overview of your business.

Alert and Routines

Schedule your alert and routines that you need for your application.


Easy Builder provides API´S to expand some funcionalities and enables external API´S to use wehoocks.

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  • Do not cost anything to host 
  • No credit card information
  • No commitment, pay as you go
  • The main resources are available since the free tier
  • All plans have support by chat or e-mail


Personal Projects
$00 / month
  • PWA Offline
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Basic Server
  • Live Chat or Email Support
  • 1 Database
  • 1 Project

Subscription Plans
Plans that fit your needs


Estimated for up to 2 users
$25 / month
  • All features from Free Plan
  • 5 GB Storage


Estimated for up to 4 users
$49 / month
  • All features from Free Plan
  • 15 GB Storage


Estimated for up to 100 users
$95 / month
  • All features from Free Plan
  • Export Source Code
  • Dedicated Server Azure B1
  • 1 Core / 1.75 GB Ram

Dedicated +

Over 100 users
  • 90% Over Azure Service Plan
  • Experience Microsoft Azure

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Easy Builder will help your team to develop projects faster, check out the video below how

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